CAS in Higher Education UZH

Please note that this course is held in German.

Unless otherwise stated, intermediate-level German language skills with regard to understanding and reading are required to participate in the programs. It is possible for the participants to speak English during the courses. Contributions and course assessments may be submitted in English.


Evidence-Based Teaching and Research-Based Learning

The CAS in Higher Education is a part-time continuing education program covering all the relevant aspects of current university teaching and learning. It's an opportunity for instructors to receive a basic grounding and continuing education in teaching and learning, and acquire a qualification documenting their university teaching achievements.

Participants will learn how to plan and conduct skills-based courses and assess their teaching appropriately. They'll be introduced to innovative teaching models and approaches to evaluation.
The CAS is offered on a blended learning basis combining a variety of teaching and learning formats: alongside in-class sessions, participants will put together a teaching portfolio, be observed by experts, take part in peer observation sessions, and try their hand at peer counseling.

 The CAS places particular emphasis on the theme of research-based learning. Participants will learn how to get their students involved in research and help them develop research skills. Participants will put this knowledge into practice in their own teaching project on the subject of research-based learning. 

Audience and Admission Requirements

The CAS is geared to university-level instructors who want to systematically reflect on and develop their teaching skills on a theory-driven basis. It's also suitable for other people addressing issues relating to teaching and learning. Participants must hold a Master’s degree from an accredited university. During the program they must complete specific teaching activities at a higher education institution. Those who already hold the University of Zurich's Teaching Skills certificate will have this credited. The regulations governing the CAS in Higher Education apply.