Teaching Skills

Please note that this course is held in German.

Unless otherwise stated, intermediate-level German language skills with regard to understanding and reading are required to participate in the programs. It is possible for the participants to speak English during the courses. Contributions and course assessments may be submitted in English.


Teaching Skills is a systematic program designed for teaching and research assistants and senior assistants at UZH seeking a basic grounding and ongoing training leading to a qualification in teaching and learning. The program is offered by Continuing Education in conjunction with the faculties. The faculties can stipulate special provisions for participants in their own faculty.

The program leads to a certificate demonstrating participants' teaching experience and skills, which can also be used in applications. Doctoral candidates may be credited for the Teaching Skills program; the decision on accreditation lies with the degree program in question.

The program consists of three modules. These include the basics of Higher Education, where participants get an introduction to the fundamentals of research into teaching and learning, and planning and conducting courses. They have the opportunity to plan their own course. Participants also take a more in-depth look into the issues involved in conducting courses, as well as familiarizing themselves with complex course designs and finding out how they can incorporate e-learning and new media in their teaching. In-class sessions are combined with expert and peer observations. The first part of the program culminates with a teaching portfolio in which participants reflect on their teaching experience and progress.

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