Microfinance – The state of the Art

Study Structure Active classroom attendance and case study homework. The course will be taught in English
Duration 2 days
Degree Confirmation of participation. 2 ECTS Credits for registered MAS/DAS Finance-students (assessment based)
Target Audience This course package is designed for all those who are responsible for investments in or funding for microfinance institutions and financial sector development. The target audience includes social microfinance investors, asset and portfolio managers with a focus on socially responsible investments, staff of development agencies and NGOs, and consultants. A basic understanding of financial services in developing countries or financial sector development is required if participants wish to attend the second module only.
Fees -CHF 1'700.– Microfinance – State of the Art
(CHF 2 300.– for both Microfinance courses)
Participants working for not-for-profit organizations may be eligible for a 50% fee reduction (limited number of spaces).
Website www.finance-weiterbildung.uzh.ch/en/programs/single-courses/microfinance/overview.html
Information University of Zurich, Sustainable Finance and Private Wealth
Department of Banking and Finance
Plattenstrasse 32, 8032 Zürich
E-mail cmf@bf.uzh.ch
Description By completing this course, participants gain an advanced understanding of the way financial systems function and of the main issues, problem areas and current trends in financial systems development. They can explain how microfinance product development responds to demand and addresses financial market imperfections. They apply instruments for monitoring and evaluating the financial and social performance of investments in microfinance and financial sector development. Participants can also characterize different microfinance investment instruments and vehicles, and understand the key principles of risk management of microfinance investments.
Rabatt Participants working for non-profits may be eligible for a 50% fee reduction (limited number of spaces).
June (Please check our website for accurate dates)