DAS Work+Health

Study Structure The modules take 1 to 10 days and are held from Monday to Friday
Duration 4 Semesters
Degree Diploma of Advanced Studies UZH UNIL in Work + Health (30 ECTS)
Target Audience The DAS Work + Health aims at physicians, engineers, natural scientists, social scientists and humanists with experience in the field of work and health or human resource development, who want to extend their professional competencies in an interdisciplinary learning group.
The FMH (Swiss Medical Association) recognizes the modules of the DAS for the accreditation as «Occupational Medicine FMH» and the SGAH (Swiss Society of Occupational Hygiene) for the national accreditation as «Occupational Hygienist SGAH».
For physicians, engineers and natural scientists the DAS meets the requirements for recognition as ASA-specialist in Switzerland (ASA=Arbeitsärztinnen/Arbeitsärzte und andere Spezialistinnen/Spezialisten der Arbeitssicherheit).
Fees –DAS: CHF 22 000.–
–Single modules: CHF 680.–/day
Website www.mas-workandhealth.uzh.ch
E-mail sven.hoffmann@uzh.ch
Description The Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) Work + Health is a joint program of the University of Zurich and the University of Lausanne. Based on 20 years of training experience in the field, the DAS offers a firm theoretical understanding and profound practical skills in Occupational Medicine, Occupational Hygiene and Organizational Health Development. The comprehensive, interdisciplinary program conveys common knowledge and perspectives as well as specialized, transfer orientated approaches to work and health. The DAS combines high scientific academic standards and best practice methods with practical implementation in work settings. It links occupational health issues to management practices and the larger organizational context. Interdisciplinary collaboration is fostered by a broad range of shared modules and a final, interdisciplinary, transfer orientated group project.
February, 2020

Registration Deadline: On request


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