Emerging Market Finance

Duration 2 days
Degree Confirmation of participation
Target Audience Finance and banking professionals, especially those with an interest in learning more about finance in emerging markets and/or in investing in these economies
Fees CHF 1’800.-
Website www.finance-weiterbildung.uzh.ch/en/programs/single-courses/emerging-market-finance/overview.html
Information University of Zurich, Sustainable Finance and Private Wealth
Department of Banking and Finance
Plattenstrasse 32, 8032 Zürich
E-mail cmf@bf.uzh.ch
Description This course aims at providing participants with an in-depth understanding of macroeconomics, asset classes as well as risks related to investments in emerging markets.
-Macroeconomics in emerging markets (fiscal institutions and public finance, monetary institutions and monetary policy, financial sector and macroeconomic performance).
-Risks in emerging markets (sovereign risk, country risks, emerging markets crises).
-Investing in emerging markets (stock markets, debt markets, currencies, commodities).
April (Please check our website for accurate dates)