Using version control with Git and Gitlab in a teaching context

Category Description

Version control through Git and Gitlab is a tool widely used in data centric research projects. But the use of Git in a teaching setting is not yet very widespread even though the continuous integration functionalities (i.e. automatic checking of code) of Gitlab could increase teaching efficiency immensely.
We start the training with a short introduction to the concept of Git and practice it in a “simulated” course. For that we provide template repositories which implement the exploitation of the continuous integration functionalities for the automatized checking of homework submissions of students that contain coded analyses or reports. We focus on R and Latex but an extension to other types is possible.


•    Become comfortable in the use of Gitlab
•    Practice the use of Gitlab and the resources put at disposition in a “simulated” course
•    Install and get to know Docker
•    Put the provided resource repositories into use and implement a course environment

Target group

Participants are likely to use version control within a teaching context, they do not need to know Git and Gitlab beforehand, some knowledge of R is an advantage but not absolutely necessary. A survey before the course start will assess the degree of already available background knowledge


Participants need to install Git before the course, see and for Windows users specifically

Final award

Confirmation of course attendance

Number of participants 15 to maximally 20
Language English
Duration 1 half day

02.12.2022, 13:00-17:00 Uhr



Terms of participation

With their registration, participants agree to attend the entire course. A cancellation after the end of the cancellation period, no-shows without indication of unforeseeable or unavoidable reasons, or incomplete participation can result in consequences for the participation in other courses (detailed information about the terms of participation).

Fee Free of charge
Place t.b.d.


University of Zürich
Eva Furrer, Dr ès sc.


Phone.: +41 (0)44 634 54 45