Continuing Education in University Teaching and Learning

Academic Staff Development - Higher Education


Please note that most of our courses are held in German.

Unless otherwise stated, intermediate-level German language skills with regard to understanding and reading are required to participate in the programs. It is possible for the participants to speak English during the courses. Contributions and course assessments may be submitted in English.


Continuing Education in University Teaching and Learning comprises a comprehensive range of training. The goal is to support instructors in honing their professional teaching skills, provide specialist knowledge related to university teaching and learning, and provide platforms for dialogue on good teaching and successful learning.

New to teaching

For instructors who are just beginning their teaching career at UZH, Continuing Education in University Teaching and Learning includes an introductory workshop (Début) prior to the semester where they can receive support with planning and giving courses. The workshop includes concepts and tools in university teaching and learning, and instructors will have the opportunity to work on their own course at the workshop.

Systematically Building Teaching Skills

If you are an instructor and would like to systematically work on your teaching skills and acquire a certificate rather than just attending individual courses, you have the option of gaining the relevant qualification in the form of a single program: either the Teaching Skills program (1 year) or the CAS Higher Education (2 years).

Seminars and Workshops on Specific Topics

If you'd like to attend a course on a specific topic related to university teaching and learning, you can also choose from the extensive didactica program. Each semester almost 40 different courses are held in the following areas of practice:
  • Conducting courses
  • Preparing courses
  • Guiding and advising students
  • Measuring and assessing learning achievement
  • Evaluating courses
  • Reflecting on teaching

Bespoke Courses for Faculties, Departments, and Chairs

Faculties, departments, and chairs can request bespoke courses for their instructors on specific topics.