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UZH Continuing Education Hochschuldidaktische Weiterbildung

Faculty of Science

Besides general principles for university teaching and learning, teaching science in higher education requires specific approaches. A central aim of science didactics is to enable university instructors to teach scientific research methods and concepts, to explain natural scientific phenomena and make scientific concepts understandable for students. For instructors of the Faculty of Science, Continuing Education in University Teaching and Learning offers appropriate courses to accommodate the specific didactic issues.

Scientists are asked to do a lot of teaching and often have no training to ensure their success. The course Teaching Science at University specifically addresses this situation, offering efficient, effective training for scientists. Focusing upon the most vital, evidence-supported teaching practices, this course will enable participants to teach in a classroom or laboratory setting with confidence and skill.

More information: Teaching Science at University 

For instructors interested to further develop their teaching competence we offer the following courses or programs:

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