Terms of Participation Continuing Education in University Teaching and Learning

We strive to offer as many instructors as possible participation in our programs and courses. Simultaneously, we register an increased noncommittal tendency, f.e. registered participants do not show up at all or withdraw on extremely short terms of notice. Your participation makes a difference. In this sense, we kindly ask you to understand our terms of participation.


With registration, participants commit themselves to full participation in the program (CAS Hochschuldidaktik and «Teaching Skills») or a course in question. Full participation means that at least 80% of a module or course must be attended. Withdrawals from a module that ist part of a program are not allowed. In programs, additional regulations for attendance in modules apply. For further details, refer to the regulations of the program in question.


Withdrawals from whole programs or courses are possible up to 10 days following the period stipulated. The periods stipulated are as follows:

  • Lehre SYSTEMATISCH: A withdrawal from a program is possible up to 10 days following confirmation of admission
  • Lehre KOMPAKT: A withdrawal is possible up to two weeks prior course start.
  • Lehre IM FACH: A withdrawal is possible up to two weeks prior course start.


Later withdrawals, unexcused or unexplained no-shows as well as incomplete participation (< 80% of a module or course) may result in suspension for the duration of one year from all offers of Continuing Education in University Teaching an Learning. Urgent, unforeseeable and unavoidable reasons are accepted as an excuse. A written excuse must be submitted without delay with the respective confirmation to the program resp. course administration or program leader in question.


The courses offered in LEHRE KOMPAKT and in didactica are free of charge for faculty and staff members of the UZH and are open to instructors of all schools and departments. In order to enable all people interested to attend, we may limit the number of participants per school and department if necessary.

Changes to Attendance Policy due to COVID-19

Please note the changes to the attendance policy due to COVID-19: please note that the symptoms stated on the website of UZH will be accepted as reasons for short-term cancellations after the cancellation deadline until further notice.Please inform yourself on the mentioned websites before the course and inform us in case of an absence.

In case of a quarantine ordered by UZH, please contact the responsible program administration.