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UZH Continuing Education

Continuing Education at the University of Zurich

In a time when knowledge is quickly lost and new knowledge is emerging all the time, education is an ongoing pursuit. Lifelong learning (LLL) is the only way to keep your knowledge up to speed and enable you to continue contributing and competing in your field. Continuing education is also a way of gaining additional qualification outside of your existing profession or acquiring a multidisciplinary extension of your subject area.

UZH's continuing education programs integrate the latest research developments, thus guaranteeing highly efficient knowledge transfer between higher education institutions and practitioners. They enable participants to acquire a more in-depth knowledge of a specific field, gain an additional qualification in an area outside their own discipline, or undertake interdisciplinary studies to complement their original degree.

The University of Zurich offers a broad range of continuing education programs leading to a MAS, DAS or CAS, and shorter courses lasting one or more days, as well as in-house training and training in university teaching and learning. All these programs and courses draw on the latest developments in research. 

Most of the University of Zurich's continuing education programs are modular, and lead to a continuing education qualification at university level. There are programs conferring a Master of Advanced Studies (MAS), a Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS), or a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS). Programs last from a few months (CAS) to two or more years (MAS), and can be completed on a part-time basis. The programs are part of the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS), giving students transparency and ensuring their qualifications are internationally recognized.

Continuing education courses last for one or more days; participants will receive confirmation of participation if desired. There are subject-specific courses designed for selected groups of professionals, as well as courses on general topics open to anyone interested.

As a rule, courses are held at the University of Zurich's Center for Continuing Education. Its 40 seminar rooms provide the ideal environment for modern continuing education geared specifically to the needs of adults. Located at Schaffhauserstrasse 228 in Zurich, the center is around ten minutes from Zurich main station and Oerlikon station by tram number 10 or 14. There are around 40 paid parking spaces for participants traveling by car.

Are you interested in one of our programs? Or would you like to stay informed of new courses? Contact us to order the relevant information brochures.