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Basics of University Teaching and Learning

Category Description

The course Basics of University Teaching and Learning offers instructors at the UZH the opportunity to develop a scientifically sound basis for teaching and learning at universities that will support them in planning and conducting student-centered courses. In addition to theoretical discussion, participants apply the content directly to the design or re-design of their courses. Basics of University Teaching and Learning focuses on the following questions: How can I formulate meaningful intended learning outcomes (IOLs)? How can I use the IOLs to foster the student learning process? How can students be actively involved in a course? How can student learning processes and results be assessed in a competence-oriented way? How do I define and shape my role as a university instructor?


At the end of the course you are able to:

  • plan activating and competence-oriented courses according to the concept of Constructive Alignment.
  • structure course content in a meaningful way and formulate adequate ILOs.
  • adequately assess the learning outcome of the students.
Target group Instructors at UZH, esp. doctoral candidates, postdocs and teaching and research assistants

Teaching at UZH

Master's degree from an accredited university

The courses offered in LEHRE KOMPAKT are open to instructors of all schools and departments. In order to enable all people interested to attend, we may limit the number of participants per school and department if necessary.

Final Award Confirmation of course attendance

English or German (see "Dates" for details)

Please note that this course is held in either German or English.

Intermediate-level language skills in the stated course language with regard to understanding, speaking, and reading are required to participate in the program. Contributions and course assessments may be submitted in both German and/or English.

Duration   2 days
The course takes place on site. Online participation is not possible.

04.& 05. April 2024, 09:00-17:00h (english course)

Lecturer Sara Petchey
Fees Free of charge


The course is fully booked.

Terms of Participation

With their registration participants agree to attend the entire course. A cancellation after the end of the cancellation period, no-show without indication of unforeseeable or unavoidable reasons or incomplete participation can result in consequences for the participation in other courses (detailed information about the attendance policy).


Continuing Education in University Teaching and Learning UZH


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