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Reduce blind spots: How to make fairer, less biased decisions and evaluations

Category Description


  • develop skills for greater objectivity in criteria and procedures of selection, evaluation and recruiting processes based on the latest research on implicit bias
  • develop communication competencies and social justice skills
Target audience
  • Professors
  • Entire community of decision-makers and evaluators: hiring, advancement, and grading decisions
Notice This course can be credited as a supplementary module in the Leadership Programme for Professors.

Prof. Heather Hofmeister, Ph.D.:

  • Professor for the Sociology of Work at the Goethe University, Frankfurt
  • Co-Director of the Center for Leadership and Behavior in Organizations
  • CTI Co-Active Coach  Personal Website
Location Interactive online seminar using Zoom with group work in breakout rooms
Date/Time Thursday, 25 April 2024, 9.00am–12.30pm
Registration Deadline 20 April 2024
Fees Participation is free of charge.
Registration Registration no longer possible.