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UZH Continuing Education Hochschuldidaktische Weiterbildung

Online Teaching - The Basics




This compact course in higher education didactics offers the opportunity to learn about essential digital tools and practices for fully remote or hybrid instruction at the university. The focus is the intersection of course design and technology: Based on the principles of didactic teaching planning, the course introduces various online tools, their configuration and use to achieve teaching/learning goals. Topics building on this are the activation and participation of students, the moderation of group processes in a virtual environment and the special connection between emotions and learning in a digital teaching and learning setting.The contents of the workshop will be taught or acquired in a dynamic alternation of input, group work and discussion/reflection phases. Finally, participants have a chance to exchange ideas about remote or hybrid teaching with other university instructors and share personal experiences. One week before the workshop, the participants will receive a preparatory task.


At the end of the course, participants

•    can differentiate between different levels and concepts of digital teaching and implement them in their course planning.
•    have a basic understanding of fundamental digital tools and practices for remote or hybrid instruction at the university
•    are able to select and effectively utilize online tools in accordance with the intended learning outcomes of their courses
•    are aware of the communicative peculiarities of remote interaction and can activate students in a virtual environment.

Target group Instructors of UZH, esp. Doctoral candidates, postdocs and teaching and research assistants

Teaching at UZH

Master's degree from an accredited university

The courses offered in LEHRE KOMPAKT are open to instructors of all schools and departments. In order to enable all people interested to attend, we may limit the number of participants per school and department if necessary.

Final Award Confirmation of course attendance

English or German (see "Dates" for details)

Please note that this course is held either in English or German.

Intermediate-level English language skills with regard to understanding, speaking and reading are required to participate in the program. Contributions and course assessments may be submitted in both German and/or English.

Duration   1 day, online course
Lecturer Dr. Nils Echterhoff
Dates  HS24 (t.b.d.)
Fees Free of charge


Registration closed

Terms of Participation

With their registration participants agree to attend the entire course. A cancellation after the end of the cancellation period, no-show without indication of unforeseeable or unavoidable reasons or incomplete participation can result in consequences for the participation in other courses (detailed information about the attendance policy).


Continuing Education in University Teaching and Learning UZH

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Flyer Online Teaching - The Basics

Flyer Online Teaching - The Basics